Proposed changes to PHV and MOT regulations.

The Department for Transport recently launched a consultation on proposed changes to the MOT testing system to make it more suitable for modern vehicles. This article discusses some of the proposed changes and how they will affect Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs).

One of the proposed changes is to extend the requirement for the first MOT from 3 years to 4 years. This means that new cars will need to undergo their first MOT 4 years after registration instead of the current 3 years. This change is expected to be welcomed by PHV drivers as it saves them money and reduces the number of things they need to remember. However, considering that PHV vehicles spend more time on the road, it remains to be seen if Transport for London (TfL) will impose different rules for PHV drivers.

Another proposed change is to have an MOT every 2 years instead of annually. While this is seen as a cost-saving measure for drivers, the current TfL rule for PHVs requires 2 MOTs per year. It will be interesting to see if licensed vehicles will only need one yearly check and non-licensed vehicles will move to an MOT every 2 years. The Department for Transport suggests this change due to the improved safety of newer vehicles.

The Department for Transport has also agreed to include live vehicle manufacturer recall updates as part of the MOT process. This means that when a PHV is taken for an MOT, drivers will receive information about any vehicle manufacturer recalls as an advisory. It is important to note that failing the MOT due to these advisories will not occur, but TfL also sends reminders to drivers regarding manufacturer recalls, and failure to address them may result in the suspension of the private hire vehicle license.

Additionally, the Department for Transport is considering adding an EV battery check to the MOT process, given the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. Since TfL only licenses zero-emission vehicles, more PHV drivers will own electric vehicles, making this check necessary.

Similar changes have been implemented by other EU countries, and it is important to update the MOT testing system to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology of modern vehicles. These changes by the Department for Transport will directly impact private hire vehicles, and updates will be provided once the consultation results are reviewed and the official changes are announced.

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