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  1. Unlimited Access: Enjoy unrestricted access to our mock test bundle for a full 7 days, maximizing your study time.
  2. Comprehensive Tests: Benefit from 5 mock tests covering a wide array of topics and question types, meticulously designed to simulate the exam experience.
  3. Ample Practice: Take advantage of multiple attempts on each test, empowering you to refine your skills and enhance your performance.
  4. Variety of Question Types: Encounter diverse question formats, including multiple-choice questions and drag-and-drop exercises, mirroring the TFL question pattern for thorough preparation.
  5. Reflective of TfL SERU Assessment: Our mock tests closely resemble the TfL SERU assessment, ensuring familiarity with the exam structure and content.
  6. Optimized Learning: Engage in targeted practice sessions to strengthen your knowledge and proficiency, setting yourself up for success on exam day.
  7. Confidence Boost: Build confidence in your abilities as you tackle challenging questions and refine your strategies through repeated practice.
  8. Accessible Anywhere: Access our mock test bundle from anywhere at any time, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule for convenient study sessions.

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